Coaching: ‘You Discover’ & ‘You Do’

Answers to all your problems lie within you. Our coaches help you figure it out "for yourself-by yourself." 
We provide extraordinary and highly experienced coaches to help you discover the path and make it easier for you to follow it

Coaching- a relationship between a two people or may be more that provides an amazingly profound and secured space for the two to dialogue to unleash the power within one-the coachee.

Mahabharta, the famous Indian epic holds one of the best examples of a superior relationship between a coach and a coachee where Eklavya- (coachee) makes a statue of Guru Dronacharya (coach) and begins learning archery. He throws all his questions, doubts and anxieties before the statue and seeks guidance and clarity and thus becomes one of the best archers.

Similarly, a coach is the ultimate source of abundance of emotional and mental support. Most essentially, s/he is one who helps to develop more clarity in a non-judgmental and a non-threatening manner. Creative Heads feels proud to say that we have one of the finest coaches to work with you.


Executive Coaching

Top executives in any organizations are looking at far more critical aspects related to business like strategy, investors & stakeholders, the market etc etc. There are plenty of great ideas they have in order to improve the organization, however, they do not find any individual at their level may be due to the concerns of confidentiality, with whom they can share what they have in mind. May be they are ready to try more things out, but there is no one they can rely or trust upon to bounce those ideas, and seek clarity if it’s really workable or not.

A Coach can be that trustworthy sounding board for the top executives and can throw lights on those initiatives they have in the minds.

Coaching For Manager

Coaching For Managers: Managers are sandwiched or rather torn between the senior management and the bottom line, isn’t it? How to manage things then?

Managers find it extremely challenging and stressful to juggle between the multiple tasks while listening and delivering to two ends of an organization (tops & the bottoms), sometimes not knowing which one to cater to first, or even how to prioritize them.

Coaching can be highly effective in developing that perspective.

Coaching to Amplify Learning

Any learning or development initiative combined with coaching creates a long lasting impact as the process not only reinforces the concepts and the tools learnt during the training program, but also measures progress. Thus, engage the learner into deeper learning process.

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