Consulting: ‘We Diagnose’ & ‘We Both Do’

Unlike providing you a solution based on our problem identifications or diagnostic tools and expect you to implement it, we handhold while executing the solution until you get a little more familiar with the new approach because we understand it's "easier said than done."

Our approach to any intervention is based on our in-depth understanding of human psychology, organizational psychology, business management and system thinking.

Our approach to any organizational challenge we are introduced to is based upon our in-depth understanding of the Hard-wired (tangible) and Soft-wired (intangible) forces that are present in every organization. See the image- Anatomy of Organization.

Diagnostics & Assessments Tools

”Without data you are just another person with an opinion- W. Edwards Deming

Organizations today rely heavily on different assessments and tools. These tools are not only helpful in identifying the different gaps to boost performance, but are vital to the different OD interventions and develop a comprehensive and holistic perspective of the issues pertaining to the organizational growth.

George Box, a statistician, famously wrote that "essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful”. The field of Organization Development Diagnostics & Assessments continues to prove him right.

We believe you can find hundreds, thousands and even more researches, articles, case studies etc from the world’s best consulting firms across the globe to validate the importance of diagnostic tools. We truly believe that not all assessments tools are great, but yes, some are useful for you to Assess, Understand, Plan, Prepare, and Perform in this competitive world and to stay ahead in the game.

We offer some of the key diagnostic tools for your organizational growth:

Individual Level   Team Level   Organization Level

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Business Consulting

Our business consulting services aim at identifying the overall direction, goals and strategies of an organization within its specific industry sector.

We conduct extensive research and develop a comprehensive understanding about the different industry segments and how the environmental forces influence your line of business, which further has alarming consequence for your organization’s stability and growth.

We become your strategic partner in knowledge sharing and help your organization to attain a new growth altitude.

Management Consulting

We help our clients manage their business in the most effective and efficient way, bring the best practices and hand-hold while things become stable and get in to proper rhythm.

Under the management consulting practices, we focus on how an organization can achieve its stated goals through choosing and implementing strategies, enhancing and streamlining operations, improving culture, strengthening information exchange channels and establishing robust monitoring & evaluations processes.

Project Consulting

“We’ll start digging from this side of the mountain. You and your gang start digging from the other side. When we meet in the middle, we will have made a tunnel. And if we don’t meet, we’ll have two tunnels.”

Our techniques of managing projects are as simple as the quote above. We take away your problems of managing key projects of your key accounts and keep a close-eye on the factors constraining projects success-SCOPE, COST, SCHEDULE, and QUALITY.

Just leave it to us.

System Thinking

One cannot look at one part of a system in isolation to understand the cause of a problem. A system is a set of interdependent parts that are connected with each other to achieve a specific purpose. Similarly, an organization is a set of teams/resources put together to achieve a particular goal.

Every system needs maintenance, be it a machine or organization. The process involves indentifying the interdependent parts of the a system or organization, weighing the impact of each part on the overall outcome and rectifying the components that are malfunctioning or have become obsolete, thus overhauling the entire organization to work smoothly.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts-Aristotle

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