Music is a powerful tool that connects deeply with human emotions. It has the power to stir passion, motivate, and energize people in any situation. That is why we often use music as a tool with corporate clients during offsite events to build team spirit, spark creative thinking, and demonstrate the power of collaboration.

“The ‘Music Conductor’ is the only musician in an orchestra who doesn’t play any instrument but his role is to empower others to contribute to the overall melody, while playing their individuals parts.”

Katalina Groh, Founder, Groh Productions, Chicago.

The 9th Symphony

In this program, the participants are led though a fast paced musical journey where the facilitators help the team to reproduce Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

The program aligns all the participants to a higher purpose that’s exciting and engaging, and provides a break-through from the self-limiting beliefs.

The challenge for the group is to work together like a well-trained orchestra to reproduce the strains of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in its original form.


In this program, the participants are required to solve a music puzzle, which eventually leads to creating and reproducing a piece of music.

The program aligns all the participants to a higher purpose; the collective goal, and provides a break- through from the self-limiting beliefs. The music puzzle requires the participants to understand their individual roles extremely well and deliver when it’s their turn, while keeping a sharp eye on what the others are doing.

The challenge for the group is to work together, and figure out what the puzzle is all about; identify and perform their roles while being fully aware of the surroundings.

The Anthem

Anthem is a song, written, composed and sung by your employees/participants in the program. It carries the organization elements like vision, mission, values, targets statements, and dreams of the employees for their organization.

This program puts your entire team on a creative journey that helps them to think of the organization and what drives them to take it to new heights.

Your team will eventually create, compose and sing a company anthem that would carry a long lasting impact on them to remind them of their mission, dreams and values. Thus, unfolds into establishing a better sense of relationship and foster a strong work-culture, energetic and motivated employees, improved sense of ownership among employees.

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