Puppetry is a form of theater that is nearly 3000 years old and involves manipulation of puppets made out of paper, clay, wood, or some other different kinds of materials. Human hands or even strings manipulate these puppets and it could be a highly complex or extremely simple process. The simplest form of puppetry is the finger puppet.

Rubaru - (face-to-face with Yourself)

Rubaru is a program that focuses on exploring-self, understanding what lies deep inside. It introduces participants to the deep attributes of personality that rest in the core of their psyche.

Clubbed with one of the most widely used personality assessment tool like MBTI, Rubaru uses puppetry as a means to help participants discover the real themselves in a highly engaging and entertaining way.

The participants are introduced to fundamentals of puppet making and create their own puppets. They further manipulate them and create stories to demonstrate the four dichotomies.

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