Training: ‘You Tell’ & ‘We Do’

There are multiple pre-identified & pre-diagnosed training needs to be addressed in any organizational setting.

Creative Heads understands developing people at your organization means growth to your organization. Any investment put into training your team(s) always result into enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of your organization mission.

Therefore, Creative Heads provides several interventions, both indoor and outdoor, to help you improve capabilities in your workforce. In case if you don’t find the program that you are looking for, please bring it our notice, we will design the module specific to your needs.

Our approach to any intervention is based on our in-depth understanding of human psychology, organizational psychology, business management and system thinking.

Team Effectiveness

"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare," said by Patrick Lencioni, one of the most sought after executive coach and a consultant in California, USA.

Teams become more effective when it clearly understands the roles & responsibilities and take complete ownership to deliver what’s expected. Furthermore, it is equally important to value every member in a team, irrespective of how big or small role s/he plays, because business is team’s game, not an individual one.

We use multiple creative tools to deliver team-effectiveness programs:


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Leadership Development

Leadership is all about ‘being,’ and not only ‘doing.’ A true leader lives by the examples and becomes a role model for the people around. We believe, no theory or model is complete in itself to learn the leadership skills as it is unique to every individual.

Our approach to leadership development is to expand what we already have and build on it. We believe leadership is to be highly authentic.

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Change Management

We all are the victims of our own limited belief system as well as what Pavlov once termed as human conditioning. These two major barriers to change are extremely for the organizations to lead in this VUCA world.

If you google the word ‘change,’ there are 3,52,00,00,000 results, and if you change it to ‘change management,’ the results appear are 7,81,00,000. Furthermore, there are multiple theories, models, and tools available to help you manage change, yet organizations can’t cope with the only constant-CHANGE, why?

We believe that an intervention needs to address both, the soft and the hard-wired forces present in an organization in order to bring the desired change. Please refer to the image for a quick understanding of what we mean by the soft & the hard-wired forces.

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Organization Culture & Values, Mission & Vision

Four founding pillars of any organization are its culture, values, mission and vision. Get these four pillars crystal clear to the last person in your organization and your organization remains immune to multiple generic challenges that arise out of ambiguity in the foundation pillars.

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