About the Company

Creative Heads is an Organization Development Consulting firm that provides creative and innovative solutions to help you lead your business and projects well so that your business achieves new heights of growth & prosperity.

We believe in creating strong leadership role models and establish a greater harmony among the individuals present in your team(s), and between the different teams present in your organization.

We provide several interventions in the area of consulting and coaching, that focus on developing team-cohesiveness, leadership, change management and more. Our interventions are designed to engage your workforce to its fullest to help you stay ahead in your respective industry.

Associates & Partners

Our reputation depends not just on the work we do, but on the people we work with as ‘Associates.’ You can be sure that our associates will be highly qualified in any discipline they offer, and that they will have a minimum of 10 years’ experience at strategic level.

From time to time we may also work with appropriate partner organizations to deliver some aspects of our service, and ensure a wide pool of expertise. Again we only work with field leaders and expect our partners to work to our values and standards.

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Hemant Jagat Rathore Deep Bhowmick Gieun Kim

Why Us

Creative Heads is a highly dedicated and enthusiastic group of professionals with global exposure. It carries rich experience of leading and transforming individuals, and organizations in all spheres of development and growth.

Team at Creative Heads comprises of management professionals, organizational psychologists, system thinkers and artists. In other words, it carries a unique combination of logical and creative thinkers, who exhibit what science calls a perfect amalgamation of left and right cerebral.

Our Clients

  • Airtel
  • Sony
  • Pluss
  • SHRM
  • VDIS
  • US AID
  • Pravah NGO
  • St. Pauls School
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  • WSUP
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